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Patak and Bego, 1976
Patak and Bego, 1974
Bego, 1974
Otprilike ovako is a cult band from Split, Croatia. Formed by Patak's brother Tonci Kragic Krifle and Jadran Zlodre Gobbo at 1970s, became famed for their kick-ass live performances, music they play is mostly described as blues.

While playing in "Split Quintet", Patak and Bego developed deep friendship. At 1976, Patak become drummer of "Otprilike Ovako", and until that time Bego very often cooperate with that band. During eighties he was official member  twice for a year or more. Even today he somethimes play with them as a guest.
Otprilike Ovako: one of their first gigs
Frontman, Jadran Zlofre Gobbo, died at 2008.
Nenad Bego and Tonci Kragic Krifle at 1980s.
During 30 years of their existence, band members was: Jadran Zlodre Gobbo, Tonci Kragic Krifle, Vladimir Kragic Patak, Ranko Tolic, Vladimir Lukas, Pjer Reskusic, Zasmina Pankova, Dusko Ivelic Dula, Sinisa Kovacic Kemija, Goran Slavicek Salko, Vladimir Garic Vlado, Goran Cetinic Koca, Damir Salov, Davor Rudolf and Nenad Bego.
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