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Bego, Benjo, Cobi, Jopa and Miso, 1978
"Pro Arte" was formed at 1967 in Sarajevo by composer and keyboard player Dorde Novkovic. At 1975 band move to Zagreb, and work until 1980. During that time, more than hundred good musicians from few countries was changed in line-up. Bego was member at 1978, and recorded on three singles.
Nenad Vilovic - vocal, tenor sax
Tonci Puharic - trumpet
Zeljko Bracic - guitar
Sinisa Pocuca - guitar
Zlatan Jelovac - piano
Nenad Bego Lesh - bass
Josko Tomic - drums
Damir Mihanovic Chuby - drums
Ivanka Luetic - vocal
Karmen Sinkic - vocal
Zorica Konda - vocal
Drazen Mrkovic - vocal
Formed at the end of 70s by Nenad Vilovic.
Bego was member almost all the time until 1983.
Band was formed at 1985 by Tomo Mrduljas, composer and guitar player and Nenad Nincevic, composer and lyricist.
Band members:
1985 - 1987
Nenad Nincevic - composer, lyricist
Tomo Mrduljas - composer, guitar
Ivo Amulic - vocal
Nenad Bego - bass
Vojo Stojanovic - drums
guests on keyboards: Josko Gujinovic, Igor Seric, Dusko Ivelic
1987 - 1990
Nenad Nincevic - composer, lyricist
Ivo Amulic - vocal
Ivo Jagnjic - guitar
Darko Aljinovic File - keyboards
Nenad Bego Lesh - bass
Vojo Stojanovic - drums
During 90s there was some efforts to reanimate the band. Nincevic engaged young singers Marcel Benzon, Alen Nizetic, Mislav Miksic and musicians Dado Pastuovic, Zdravko Sunara and orhers, but seems that golden era of band was gone.
During recording fifth album, Bego left the band, and later on Amulic, Aljinovic, Jagnjic and Stojanovic has done the same.
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