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Most important events are probably forgotten.
Nenad Bego was born on May 13, 1957 in Split, Croatia. His musical education began at the age of 7, and his career as a professional musician started at the age of 17, playing the bass guitar and double bass with the groups "Delfini", "Anima Singers", "Split Quintet" and "Pro Arte". During that period he graduated at the Electronics High School and the Music School in Split. In 1978 he was recruited by the Army and his career was forcely interrupted until 1980.
While working at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the early 80s, Nenad combined his interests in the electronics and music, at that time he began working as a studio producer ("Osmi putnik"), as well as a studio musician. During the 80s he played with the bands "Zivi zid", "Kineski zid", and "Josko Banov orchestra" - the backing band of numerous famous Croatian singers.
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